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iluvgyaru's Journal

Amanda Zheng-Johnson
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HI!!!!!!!! :D

I'm Chinese and also a gyaru. I love fashion. I mod the following communities: find_gyarugals (MAKE NEW GYARU FRIENDS), gal_cir (FIND OR PROMOTE A GAL CIRCLE), gyaru_com_sales (GYARU COMMUNITY SALES) and j_diamante (MAIN JESUS DIAMANTE LJ COMM). If you want to help me mod one or more comms, message me!!! :D

I am not a lolita and please don't refer to me as one. I don't belong to ANY lolita communities. I don't dress in lolita and I don't have an interest in it. I even hate the thought of wearing a petticoat. I also love wearing 'short' stuff as well as my jeans too. GAL 4 LIFE!!!

I mainly post on Facebook now because of the weird posts I have been getting but I still look at LiveJournal quite often. My Facebook is at http://www.facebook.com/iluvgyaru.